Old Pride

by Old Pride

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Grant Law- Vocals
Chris Lopez- Guitar
Buddy Church- Bass
Bobby Williams- Drums

These are songs Old Yeller plays now. We used to play them under the name Old Pride, then stopped playing for a while, and then got back together with our name changing to Old Yeller.


released December 18, 2010

Recorded at Lee College by Matt "Jolly" Rogers



all rights reserved


Old Yeller Mont Belvieu, Texas

Grant Law-vocals
Chris Lopez-guitar & vocals
Buddy Church-bass
Bobby Williams-drums

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Track Name: Soils

Trees can only feel when they’re not themselves looking for a new soil to plant their hearts in a self made hell.

Stems are branching out in directions paved by flesh hidden underneath the leaves used as a dress.

To shade their tarnished skin from the suns deceitful grin.

Well when the bark peels back to show its flesh the wood will shed and adhere to the soils chest, and a splinter will dive deep into its surface

“Why can’t we just bleed, and why can’t we suffer? Us trees have it tough how were meant to just buffer.”

I can’t believe what I just said. Can’t believe what I just bled
Track Name: Sad Ships
The ocean salty tongue tells the shore of what it’s done
Of how the waves gently crash and how the wind coughs a laugh
A typhoon has appeared circumnavigating the tides fear
And as water grows near the oceans pride disappears
Torn apart by the storm as its amour begins to reform
The waves begin to scorn why the wind was even born
And as the currents direction gloats the ocean’s tides proposes some toasts
“Not meaning to boast but I spread from coast to coast”

Come inside the water and split the waves with me
Come inside the water and drown your body in the sea

With the turtles green shell he carves out his own hell.
Because his dreams have failed of breaking out of his shell
Trapped beneath the coral reef
Where the tide bided its teeth
With a lonesome gaze it sighs to the ocean floor
Wishing to leave and to be swept away by a vengeful storm

“The sun and moon dance as they bicker and fight the sun blinds the moon causing the tide to rise
You taught me how to set sail our ship
But you never cared to show me how to deal with all of this
A man overboard, but it was really my first mate
I swallowed him whole to find that I’d only weep and shake
You were my friend and mutiny was not a choice
The gale came and went and stole my only voice”

Come inside the water and split the waves with me
Come inside the water and drown your body in the sea
Track Name: Had Heart
“Girl my love and my beliefs are as open as these sheets
Oh so you shed some tears?
Well I got skeletons in my closet that need to disappear.
I know you swear that everything will change, but time only heals all wounds it doesn’t cause the heart to remain the same.

We were a midsummer romance that had gotten out of hand, renegade lovers swapping skin, hand and hand and ignorant.

We are all just shapes ready to dissolve

Blanks in our heads begging to be dead